The elephant is partisanship necessary for discourse but mutually destructive to both political parties with name calling, back stabbing, undermining, and finally political positioning through factions of influence in order to out maneuver the political opponent and that can get really messy when a good intension is used against you via power and money.

The power and money in the room is the Democratic party. They will use your good intension of helping underserved districts to their advantage in order to maintain control of the very underserved districts you are trying to help.

They will attempt to turn the tables on you and since the Democratic Party has enormous support right out of the gate, a likeness “giant in the wings” becomes their initiative in order to MAINTAIN access to power and money in districts they already own. Then nothing has changed from the perspective of capitalism vs left wing socialism.

Let us take a simple illustration of how to subvert the problem. The problem comes down to the fact that your kind initiative will take power from the Democratic influence in the House of Representatives.

Now how would a six year old handle this problem? Well. he or she would simply make a friend who liked them and did not like the other bad person who is very selfish.

You say to your friend. “I know as soon as I sit next to that person they will try to steal stuff from my desk in school. So would you consider sitting behind me as a guest visitor, not as my friend, but as INDEPENDENT and make the selfish person mad at you instead of me. I realize that the selfish person would go after you and try to insult you you but here is what you get when I am on your side but the selfish person doesn’t know it … until it is too late to change what is happening to them.”

“You take their seat at school and they get expelled.”

“You see, we want the same thing. You do not have a seat in the powers of influence in our school because you are unknown and unimportant. But with my help behind the scenes that consists of all of the power and money you could ever need will be available to you through me to get you elected.

As INDEPENDENT you do not have to be a friend of mine but I will be your best friend.”

“Instead of me fighting the selfish person, you will fight them and when you win…and you will because right now if I fight them, I could lose but you have nothing to lose. So I get to keep my power safe and at the same time gain an ally when you win power for the same values that we share together.” “Hey, it us 2 to 1. We win!”

“My competitor sitting across from me will have to spend their resources on defeating an INDEPENDENT in the next election and I will not risk losing any influence of power while they risk losing all the seats in the House of Representatives that are underserved districts to you.”

“Then like me, we will be a team to take from them the hold on the steel/concrete plantations We win 2-1.

You might say this six year old …. is a Republican. who knows how to add 1+1.

We would call our agreement what it is, fairness. If the Republicans want to hold onto the see saw battlefield of war with the Democrats…and not add an ally to the big tent…so be it.

This initiative agiantinthewings is not going to be Non-competitive. Once it is out there on national news, it is important to realize that we are the invaders like the Normandy Invasion of World War 2 and they are the German’s led by a moron.

So as a Republican initiative…. as soon as they know by who and where they will be attacked, our advantage over them decreases and only means we will suffer more casualties and we may never have access to those under privileged districts again…AND THEY WILL REMAIN PLANTATIONS…because freeing them means a greatly reduced market for socialism.

Playing devils advocate, Independent is not really independent. He or she needs Republican endorsement in order to be re-elected. Plus, exclusion from the caucus by other sitting members, puts the rebel out of touch and useless to their constituents, so either way Republican or Independent…the caucus is self governing and so they can shut out free enterprise pretenders.

Another issue is legal. Any stipulation in the Charter of incorporation or in reference to deferential treatment by a separate caucus faction of the Republican party could be viewed as discriminatory or illegal if it is private money and not government revenue. A lesson of caution in using the independent option would lend itself to a creative venue change in money distribution authority…WITHOUT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY BEING THE SUBJECT OF LEGAL PENALTY.

The independent option has benefits, but either way, conservatives win.

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