The source of funding is strictly inherent to the corporate charter and does not include nor is it affiliated in any way from PAC or Super PAC funding for Candidates running for office. Nor is charitable contributions to the corporate entity ever to be used in conjunction with political campaigns in anyway beneficial to a representatives funding for purposes of running for political office.


View local select districts to concentrate in light of the following analogy to fight city hall who is big daddy and welfare who is mommy.

Mommy and daddy cannot get along. Little Johnny and Susan are afraid of Daddy and they cannot get along without mommy who is taking care of them. The kids are torn. Fortunately for the kids, there is Big Tom. Tom is not afraid of his father and his mother depends on Tom to do her bidding with Daddy. Tom is in the catbird seat with the two kids. He will determine what and who is acting in their best interest and he does not need mommy or daddy to rule his life.

Tom has a great job! HE WORKED HARD TO EARN TRUST FROM HIS NEIGHBORS. He welcomes PAC money and endorsements from the Republican party. He was and is the best friend of his neighbors. They love the guy. They just named a new grammar school and street after him. Tommy does not give a damn about political issues that conflict with economic freedom for his district. He knows where his bread is buttered.

Now you tell me how the MOMMY AND DADDY Democrats are going to act. Too late! They had decades to do this. How will they counter? Uh Duh…well how about this. We will give you the same thing plus welfare!. Do you think fortune 500 companies are going to be amenable to more welfare in addition to free enterprise funding? Uh Duh.

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