Nobody wants to be thought ill of. As members of your community, you are all joining together as a pledge to each other that you speak on behalf of your neighbors and friends to make the lives of each other better.

Remember, the people you will be petitioning, like you, also want to be well thought of. The money you will ask for from a board of directors of a big company will mean very little to them (1/100 of 1% of their company profits) but their reputations for treating those less fortunate is at stake because we plan on inviting the press to report on your progress after the meeting.

You sign the Cornerstone petition that is shown on the home page menu. Just make copies and go to work talking to people.

There is no greater leader than someone who lives in a community and shares the same views of a much better future by simply talking to residents, church leaders, civic leaders, local police and fireman captains, Board of Education, clubs and community groups, city council, hospital officials.

Log onto this site and report back to all Americans across the country who share your passion by getting signatures in support of the fairness party platform that you have gathered to apply yourself or a friend for your local district, one of 100 districts we are looking to run in the 2022 election cycle for the United States House of Representatives, our own REPUBLICAN FAIRNESS PARTY CANDIDATE.

As numbers of supporters grow in your district, keep us posted and we will spread the word to our leadership teams of support. When the time is right, we will give you advance notice OF YOUR ROLE on the road to victory.

Our Mission

Everyone can win when all of us are looking out for those who we know need help. All missions are won in a free society when those in need meet providers with mutual respect and courtesy. Personal conduct is everything when you want to win. Demands and insults and rude behavior has no trophy room of honor.

You are a team and only teams win championship, not the best show-off.

That is why when you or your neighbor are selected to present your petition to the most priviledge members of our society, chose wisely those amoung you who have the poise of self-restraint and courtesy as appreciation to your hosts who are gathered to hear your story.

News reporters and cameras will be watching. Faces and words will win for you or cause your mission to suffer. Self pity and outrage never ever won a championship! It only takes one fool to spout off and be a scene stealer that will steal defeat from the jaws of victory.

Humility is the most admired and respected virtue that others love in you…and that is why in the minds and hearts of millions of TV viewers who are the customers of those privileged few is why you will win!

Our History

You are our History!

Contact Us

1 Example Street
Anytown, CA 10100

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