Do you feel that your community is underserved?

Our Mission

Fundamental to all success is leadership. If you feel you are the one or you know of someone who is…show them by taking them to:

There is no greater leader than someone who lives in a community and shares the same views of a much better future by simply talking to residents, pastors, civic leaders, local police and fireman, Board of Education, clubs, mayor, city council, local officials, hospital officials. These people know other people. It could start rolling getting locals on board with a telephone call to a mother or a guy who stands on a street corner with 500 petitions in his hand and a big grin on his face. “Yo, Brother and Sister”

Start a petition with friends and neighbors to sign, people who believe as you do…that rich Americans in powerful companies have a responsibility to share in an equitable manner financial contributions to the most dedicated Charitable Corporate Entity in our countries’ history

The purpose of this charity is to restore the equitable access to privileges bestowed on other American voting Districts that receive far more financial assistance and access to funding via the asset based market sales of their very rich companies.

You can make this happen as an activist in your local community by taking part is spreading the word to your friends. handing out petitions, going to meetings, creating meetings, keeping in touch via this web site.

Keep us updated on your progress in gaining support by following the latest news on this web site. Watch for updates on our Blog.

Log on to this site and report on our blog what is taking place and your comments will be shared with other like minded districts throughout the country.

The time has come for Corporate America that has achieved a dream of their making, to share with us now a dream of our making….a dream that is long overdue.

Our History

We are a nation under God and that makes all mothers and children and fathers and workers and struggling Americans the right to participate in the American promise signed by our founders and held to be true.

That all American’s are treated equally, not by means of welfare and promises but by means readily made available…means to which our voting districts are ignored and pandered to with welfare and empty promises by the Democrat party.

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