In keeping with the vertical market strategy for capturing victories in the US House of Representatives, we keep in mind that all of politics is local. The thinking of local voters who have the most ignored human needs are the targets. 100% of effort is in local district outreach to those voters. The absence of COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT is why those voters feel ignored.

So it is simple district demographic analysis that determines the top targets. They are mostly urban districts with high unemployment, plantation like life styles and a smatter of rural districts in STRATEGIC states.

Strategic is the key. To start, the district targets first priority out of the box should be going after the districts that could sway a national power shift of influence from Blue to Red. Obvious states are California. New York and Illinois. Eventually with success, a wider net of up to 100 + districts is within reach inclusive in other states. Having said that, the level of interest and momentum on the part of district activists in other states may outweigh those states as first choice targets.

A top priority is knowledge of demographics within DESIRED districts and a plan of detail on what needs to be financed in order of priorities necessary to impress the fortune 500 directors that we did our homework and we are not just looking for money. So some feedback from a district committee on SPENDING for 1st priority, 2nd 3rd 4th. That would be a great start together with some estimates of cost and some preliminary plan of working with local district ordinance. The thing is…in order to be in charge of what happens…no compromise with local government. IT IS AS IS….TAKE OUR OFFER OR FORGET THE WHOLE THING! I don’t recall Washington compromising with King George.


The directors are far more likely to look favorably on a plan rather than a blanket request for money. They MAY HAVE suggestions and offer some services generic to their expertise. DO NOT TURN DOWN THEIR OFFERS. The key to landing the big fish is the right bait.

Go where the interest is stronger in terms of financing and assistance FROM THE DONORS!.

A single donor corporation may have a strong incentive in a specific certain district over others. You know who would be really good at dealing with these people…MIKE POMPEO!

The key to winning those districts from Democrat control is local community residents. These people know other people. it could start with a telephone call to a mother or a guy who IS UNEMPLOYED and stands around on a street corner most of the time and he wants to do his friend a favor with 500 petitions in his hand and a smile on his face. “Yoo Brother and Sister!

Word of mouth, the message, the plan, the petitions and the support they need to back up their message of outreach to their neighbors. To them, this is no different than running a petition by residents for a new playground or a community outreach plan for helping school age kids.

FIND THE LEADERS…not in city hall… but in the streets, outside store front businesses, restaurants, churches, clubs and door to door…all with the same message. Hey! If you want a better life, sign this petition and get on board…spread the word!

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